about me

branding expert • website designer • wife & mom


My name is Alicia. I am a wife, a new mom, a daughter of God, and an entrepreneur.

I love helping heart-based businesses and non-profits create brands that are true to you, beautiful, captivating, and have the potential to change the world. 




My Background

I’ve spent the last 10 years working in the branding and marketing industry. After graduating college with a degree in graphic design I worked my way up in the corporate world and landed as an Art Director at a marketing agency.

After a couple of years working in my dream job as ‘Art Director’, I found myself seeking more, desiring deeper fulfillment, more freedom and flexibility. I quit my full time job in 2017 after a childhood seed dream of running my own business finally took root.

After freelancing for a couple of years, I launched Rise Refined in the summer of 2018. I love that I get to combine my expertise and passion in branding with a more strategic focus to help businesses, non-profits and solo-entrepreneurs bring more hope and positive change to the world. 


My Favorite Things

Adventuring outside with my husband, Daniel, and our 18 month old son, Jonah. Watching Jonah squeal in delight as he chases our two golden doodles around our home. Street tacos. Golden milk lattes. Lavender. 

My Why

I love helping people. I love vulnerable conversations. Conversations that peel back the layers and discover the center / true / authentic self and identity of people and businesses. I believe my calling is to use this gift and help people gain clarity and confidence so they can show up more fully in business and life and share their unique stories and gifts. I do what I do to help people grow themselves, their brand, and bring more hope and positive change to the world.

Personality Things

ENFJ  •  Enneagram Type 2  •  I-D (Influence and Driver on the DISC assessment)

A Few More Random Bits

I’m passionate about home birth and holistic living. I also have a history of anxiety and panic attacks. Thankfully, I’ve come so far in my mental health journey and have found ways to stay in balance and embrace this part of me. 


Alicia’s strategic vision and support has been invaluable as I developed and launched my first online course. I came to her with an idea on a piece of paper and she helped me brainstorm a name, develop brand messaging, break out course modules and a game plan to create it, launch it, market it and actually share it with the world.

My digital course would not exist if it wasn’t for her constant support, guidance and coaching. Her ability to take a huge and overwhelming project and break it down into a timeline with mini to-do’s that actually felt accomplishable was such a gift.

Any time I felt discouraged or wanted to give up, she helped me overcome my fear and I left our conversations feeling excited and empowered again. With Alicia’s guidance, I successfully launched my first course and hit my goal for sign-ups. She is now helping me map out a plan for launching a second time and I have no doubt it will be more successful than the first.

I can’t recommend Alicia enough – she is a natural coach and motivator!

-Teah H.

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