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  As a fellow entrepreneur, I know how hard it can be to try and build your brand alone. The struggle of crawling through the weeds and running a business can be overwhelming. Sometimes the best thing we can do is take a leap of faith and ask for support. That’s what I love about my job; I get to meet you where you are at, hear your story and learn about your vision and goals. I listen first and then work to provide support, accountability and perspective. As a coach my role is to bring out the best in people, to hold them accountable to what they need to do and build a strategy + roadmap to reaching their goals. So whether you are nodding your head in agreement at the overwhelm of running a business, feeling stuck in the weeds or if you are simply excited to take it to the next level, let’s connect. Take a leap of faith, believe in yourself and schedule a free consultation call. I look forward to connecting with you! 

how it works

curious what coaching looks like?

What do you get? You get a whole bunch of CRAP. (Lol – I love acronyms.) But seriously…

c – confidence

Sometimes as entrepreneurs it can feel like you are making decisions in isolation and it gets lonely. We have to learn to deeply trust ourselves. And that starts with clarity. We will clarify your goals, your vision, and your brand.

r – Refinement

We will work through your strengths, weaknesses, and identify areas of focus to help you grow yourself and your business. I am here to guide you through the technical areas of branding and business, while also offering emotional support along the way.

a – Accountability

Together we are going to figure out what you need to do to reach your goals. It’s my job to hold you accountable to do it.

p – Perspective

I’m here to listen, to support you, and to help you get out of your own head.  

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Social Simplified Teah had a vision for launching an online social media course to help entrepreneurs overcome the overwhelm around social media. She had tried to do it on her own, but found herself overwhelmed at where to even begin. She reached out looking for technical support, branding clarity, and accountability to see it through. Together we collaborated on the course, developed brand messaging, and created a roadmap and timeline for her to stay on track to launching her course. Over the next few months the additional support and accountability enabled her to do what she had always dreamed of.  As a result, Teah launched her course in early 2019. She not only hit her income goal  but her confidence had grown so much that we are now working together on a second launch with even bigger dreams and goals.


Alicia’s strategic vision and support has been invaluable as I developed and launched my first online course. I came to her with an idea on a piece of paper and she helped me brainstorm a name, develop brand messaging, break out course modules and a game plan to create it, launch it, market it and actually share it with the world.

My digital course would not exist if it wasn’t for her constant support, guidance and coaching. Her ability to take a huge and overwhelming project and break it down into a timeline with mini to-do’s that actually felt accomplishable was such a gift.

Any time I felt discouraged or wanted to give up, she helped me overcome my fear and I left our conversations feeling excited and empowered again. With Alicia’s guidance, I successfully launched my first course and hit my goal for sign-ups. She is now helping me map out a plan for launching a second time and I have no doubt it will be more successful than the first.

I can’t recommend Alicia enough – she is a natural coach and motivator!

-Teah H.

Social simplified

wondering if coaching is for you?

  • You don’t have a business yet, but you have an idea and you aren’t sure where to begin.
  • You have a business already but are looking for someone to help keep you accountable to hitting your goals.
  • You have a business and big goals but need help with focusing in and building a roadmap and timeline to hitting your goals.
  • You are a business feeling stuck and stagnant and are looking to grow and gain back the energy, vision and focus you so desire.


daughter of god  •  wife  •  mom  •  goldendoodle enthusiast

My name is Alicia and I am passionate about helping you find clarity + confidence in your brand.

Branding isn't just about telling your story - it's about knowing your story, embracing vulnerability, why you do what you do, and communicating that authentically and openly with others. Authentic branding drives connection, it encourages and inspires, and it facilitates growth and change.

I want to help you find clarity, create beauty in your visual identity, and help you show up and serve the people you are meant to serve.


create a brand with depth, authenticity, and cohesiveness